The inaugural year of Salmon Creek Arts will be announced in spring 2024. It will include some programs that SCF has been offering for many years such as writing retreats, carpentry and food gardening skill-shares, wood-fire ceramics workshops, and our free BIPOC artists retreats. We will also be initiating the Salmon Creek Artist Fellowship. Eight artists (of craft, movement, food, gardens, image, sound, word, etc.) who focus on ecology will be awarded a paid fellowship including four seasonal stays at Salmon Creek Farm.
The fellowship aims to provide a dramatic level of durational support to artists who have already established their path, paying attention and respect to our environment, by offering time, space, community, visibility, funding, and especially the opportunity to participate in the daily life of the Salmon Creek Farm sanctuary. Perhaps eventually feeling like just another creature on the land. 

Every January we offer wood fire ceramics workshops in partnership with our friends down the ridge at Cider Creek Collective. We’re booked for 2024, but stay tuned for next year!

Programs will be announced in April 2024. Subscribe and follow for the latest.