salmon creek

In fall 2024 we welcome our first season of Salmon Creek Artists.* For those who have already established their path - but are seeking a deeper connection to the natural world while engaging with other artists - we offer time, space, community, funding, and especially the opportunity to participate in the daily life of the Salmon Creek Farm sanctuary. There is no set program aside from daily meals from the garden and life with the redwoods, no obligations to produce or present work. Each artist arrives with an intention for their time on the land and in the spirit of the original commune, the group decides how they want to spend any time together. It is a good place to step away from daily routines and surrender to the cycles of life close to the land as part of an improvised artist community.

This is not a conventional residency experience where artists produce work alone in a studio. There are no conventional facilities or production spaces, just a desk in your private cabin, the triangle Dance Deck, the Outdoor Kitchen, the orchards & gardens, the riparian valley of Salmon Creek, and 33 acres of coast redwoods. In some ways, you’re just another creature on the land, a part of the organic flow as soon as you arrive and as long as you stay. Making fires to stay warm with wood from the land. Contributing to the richness of the orchard soil with your humanure waste and kitchen compost. Using water from the spring and eating from the garden and orchard you help tend.

For many this is also a welcome and unique chance to cultivate fundamental life and survival skills that can provide a sense of agency, self-reliance, and security to the precarious life of an artist. How can stewardship find a way into your practice as an artist? You will probably not be able to work in your normal ways. Those coming with an open mind, a sense of adventure, a spirit of improvisation, and the capacity to respond to the environment in adaptive ways will really thrive.

* we use the term ‘artist’ expansively, encompassing those working with craft, movement, food, gardens, image, performance, sound, word, etc.

  • Awarded to six artists* for fall 2024.
  • Two weeks living at SCF from October 9th to 22nd.
  • Includes $1000 stipend.
  • Daily meals from the garden by chef-in-residence.
  • Open to US residents 22 and older.
  • Collaborative duos welcome (would share a stipend & cabin).
  • Application fee of $20.

  • May 30th: Applications open
  • June 28th: Applications due
  • July 31st: Artists announced
  • October 9th-22nd: Artists at SCF

Selection Criteria
  • History of publicly presented work (broadcast, exhibited, installed, performed, published, etc.)
  • Comfort level with self-sufficiency in our woodsy environs.
  • Potential for future growth and benefit from time at SCF.
  • Forming a group working across a diverse mix of media.
  • Aptitude for both intense solitude and sociability.
  • Possibility for future engagement with Salmon Creek Arts.

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